Yard Waste Collection

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City of Champaign Christmas Tree Recycling and Collection

January 5, 2015 through January 16, 2015

The City of Champaign Christmas Tree Recycling and Collection program offers several options to recycle your Christmas tree.

For more information, please call Public Works at 217.403.4700.

Free Disposal:  Trees may be taken to the Landscape Recycling Center (344-5323) at 1210 E. University Avenue in Urbana at no cost during the month of January.


Collection: City residents may participate by placing their tree within four feet of the curb by 6 a.m. on their scheduled collection day.

City residents may participate by placing their tree within four feet of the curb by 6 a.m. on their scheduled collection day.  Click on either picture below for a printable version of this page.

Picture1 Picture2

Trees with stands, decorations, tinsel, lights, artificial snow-frost, plastic bags, or any other material that makes the tree non-recyclable WILL NOT BE COLLECTED.

Collected trees are chipped and made into garden mulch.



Yard Waste Collection is Now Complete for Fall 2014

Please be advised that any remaining bags placed for collection will likely be picked up by your waste disposal service (for a fee).

The City will have another Yard Waste Collection in Spring 2015.

Yard Waste Collection Requirements

Materials must be in 30-gallon paper yard waste bags. No Plastic Bags or Containers. Twigs and branches may be bundled with non-metallic twine or placed in paper yard waste bags. Branches cannot be larger than 2 inches in diameter and 3 1/2 feet long. Bundles cannot be larger than 18 inches in diameter.

Materials must be placed within 10 feet of the curb of a public street by 6 a.m. to ensure pickup on your scheduled day. On heavier collection days, your pickup may be later than normal or even the next day. In some instances, bags in your zone may be picked up in advance of your scheduled day. This indicates the crew is ahead of schedule for the day. The crew WILL return to your zone on your regularly scheduled day, even if they work ahead the day before. Do not be concerned if you see your neighbors bags picked up prior to your collection day.  If your materials have not been collected by the day after your scheduled collection, please contact Public Works at 403.4776.

Materials can also be taken to the Landscape Recycling Center year round. The site is located at 1210 E. University Ave. in Urbana and their phone number is 217.344.5323. The Landscape Recycling Center is a yard waste reclamation site jointly operated by the City of Champaign, City of Urbana, and Champaign County. There is a fee for all dropped off material.

Restricted Items for Yard Waste Collection

The Yard Waste Program is primarily intended for the pick-up of your bagged leaves.  

Household trash and items will not be picked up; these items include:

  • excessive dirt
  • mulch
  • broken glass
  • rocks
  • discarded pumpkins and vegetation
  • potted plants
  • pet waste

Additionally, please be sure your bags are not filled beyond the “capacity” line indicated on the side of the bag.  Also, bags should not weigh more than 40 lbs. Failure to follow these guidelines may result in your yard waste bags not being collected.

Helpful Hints

  • Please seal your bags as much as possible to prevent loose leaves from escaping. Avoid using duct tape to seal your bags.
  • Place your bags away from trees, mailboxes, streetlights, and parked vehicles.
  • Do not put your bags out more than a week in advance; especially if rain or snow is being forecasted.

Collection Schedule

This collection is available to all residential properties within the Champaign City limits.

Click Here for a Printable Map and Schedule

The map reflects general City of Champaign boundaries only.  For questions regarding specific City limits, please call Public Works at 217.403.4700.

Residents are also encouraged to sign up for an automatic e-mail notification of this and all future yard waste collections at the City’s web site. Any questions about the program can be answered by calling Public Works at 217.403.4700.

Residents may call the Landscape Recycling Center at 217.344.5323 with any questions regarding operating hours.

City of Champaign Yard Waste Collection (Spring and Fall)

General information

The City of Champaign sponsors two seasonal yard waste collections and a Christmas tree collection for all residential properties in the City. The fall yard waste collection provides residents with four collection opportunities, while the spring yard waste collection provides two collection opportunities.

Please note: Burning of leaves in the City of Champaign is prohibited at all times.
Please see Chapter 13, Section 8 of the municipal code.

For questions about yard waste collection:

Public Works Department
702 Edgebrook Drive
Champaign, IL 61820
Phone: 217-403-4700
Public Works Hotline: 217-403-8852

For questions about leaf burning:
John Koller
Champaign Fire Department